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Special Deals

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Special Deals – Materials

Special Deals
Funky Fur, Shrinky-Dink Film, Suede Paper, Honeycomb Tissue, Wood Paper,
Pizza Circle Cardboard, Iron-On-Fabric, Tac-On Mat, Rosettes, Ribbons, Science Titles, etc.

Funky Fur TigerFunky Fur ZebraFunky Fur Cougar

    Tiger                   Zebra                    Cougar

Funky Fur

2-for-1 Deal: Priced per set as each 9” x 12” sheet of Funky Fur comes with a sheet of Double Stick-n-Stay, Acid Free, Two Sided Adhesive.

Special Price of $1.00 is like buying either the Funky Fur or the Double Stick-n-Stay Adhesive and getting the other item for FREE!

• Size = 9” x 12”
• Funky Fur is man-made, imitation animal prints made of synthetic fabric.
• Funky Fur is ideal for all types of craft projects, scrapbooks, cards, picture frames, home décor, and much more.
• Funky Fur is washable when used without Double Stick-n-Stay Adhesive
• Funky Fur has unlimited uses as it can be glued with fabric adhesive, or stitched in place, or stuck using Double Stick-n-Stay Adhesive.
• Double Stick-n-Stay Adhesive is permanent and non-washable.
• Double Stick-n-Stay Adhesive can be used with other craft projects.
• Limited quantities are available as product has been discontinued by vendor.

Using Funky Fur with Double Stick-n-Stay Adhesive:
1) Peel off one side of protective paper to reveal sticky side and apply to back side of Funky Fur.
2) Cut Letters or Shapes with fur side down against die cut.
3) Peel off other side of protective paper and permanently stick to any surface.

Regularly Priced $2.49 per set – Sale Priced $1.00 per set

Funky Fur1Funky Fur2
Shrinky Dink


Remember all the Fun you had coloring a piece of plastic, cutting it out, and then watching while it shrank in the oven to become the Christmas ornament or Key Chain Fob you created?

Shrinky-Dink Film can also be cut with any die-cut. Remember to punch a hold before shrinking in order to hang it up when done.

Can be cut with a Die-Cut.

Size: 8.5” wide x 10” or 11” long sheets.

Colors: Black, Clear, White, Brown, Frosted Ruff N' Ready, and Almond.

Regularly Priced $0.79 each – Sale Priced 50¢ each

Suede Paper

Suede Paper

The feel and texture of suede material with a paper backing.

Can be cut with a Die-Cut.

Size: 9” x 12”

Colors: Red, Cream, Navy, Burgundy, Green, and Brown

Regularly Priced $1.49 each – Sale Priced $1.00 each

Honeycomb Tissue

Honeycomb Tissue

Easy to cut with a die cut. Open for a 3-D Object.

Click for detailed instructions: Honeycomb Tissue

Can be cut with a Die-Cut or Scissors.

Size: 10” x 15”

Colors: Blue, Yellow, White, Green, and Red

Regularly Priced $3.00 each – Sale Priced $1.50 each

Wood Paper

Wood Paperwood

Wood Paperwood looks and feels like real wood on both sides. One side is polished. Other side is matte. About the thickness of cardstock. Reminds me of veneer that is used to cover edges in carpentry work.

Can be cut with a Die-Cut.

Size: 8-1/2” x 11”

Colors: Birch, Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Walnut

Regularly Priced $2.79 each – Sale Priced $1.00 each

Cardboard Circles

"Pizza" Circle Cardboard

This light weight cardboard can be used for the base for many craft projects (see turkey). It can also become a game spinner with the addition of a spinner set (PTRC also carries).

Can be cut or decorated with a Die-Cut.

Diameter: 7", 9", and 12"

Colors: White

7" & 9" diam. Regularly Priced 14¢ each – Sale Priced 7¢ each

12" diam. Regularly Priced 18¢ each – Sale Priced 9¢ each

Iron-On Fabric

Iron-On Shirt

Iron-On Fabric

Show your team spirit with diecut numbers and letters ironed onto your shirt.

Click for detailed instructions: Iron-On Fabric

1. Cut letters or shapes using die cuts or free-hand. (Paper against the die)

2. Place “paper side up” on fabric

3. Iron fabric with “paper side up” on highest dry setting 1-2 minutes.

4. Hand wash carefully.

Can be cut with a Die-Cut.

Size: 9" x 11"

Colors: Red, Gold, White, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, and White

Regularly Priced $2.00 each – Sale Priced $1.00 each

Color Corrugated Cardboard

Color Corrugated Cardboard

Color is on one side with cardboard look on back side, except for Black which has White on the back side.

also known as: Title Boards for use with Display Boards

Can be cut with a Die-Cut.

Size: about 9-1/2” x 34”

Colors: Red, Fuchsia, Apricot, Yellow, Orange, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, White, and Black

Regularly Priced $1.00 each – Sale Priced 25¢ each


Tac-On Mat

Tac-On Mat

Lightweight fabric coated on both sides with an adhesive that sticks to most surfaces.

Tac-On is removable, reusable, non-toxic, non-marking and will not damage surfaces.

Bulletin Board shaped and sized mat with a non-marking adhesive on both sides and rounded corners for a finished look.

Sticks to most surfaces, and just about anything sticks to it! No need for tacks, nails, pins, or tape!

Size: 18” x 23”

Colors: Grey & White

Regularly Priced $8.35 each – Sale Priced $6.50 each


Give finished buttons an award-winning look! Add vibrant, satin finished rosettes to make buttons really stand out.

Great for coordinating themes, recognition purposes or fashioning buttons into awards.

3” Rosettes for 2-/4” Pin-On Buttons

4” Rosettes for 3” Pin-On Buttons

Colors: Select colors are still available.

Regularly Priced $1.50 each – Sale Priced 25¢ each


Satin finish streamers with dovetail ends really put the finishing touch on rosette-framed buttons. Streamers may match rosette colors for a uniform look or may be different to provide a contrasting look. Streamers are sold as single ribbons, not as pairs.

Size: 1-1/4” wide by 4” long

Colors: Blue, Red, White, Purple, and Yellow

Regularly Priced $0.27 each – Sale Priced 5¢ each



Sample shows Pin-On Button with Rosette and 2 Ribbons.

Science Titles

Set of 11 Titles: Problem, Abstract, Graph, Procedure, Hypothesis, Variables, Results, Materials, Data, Purpose, Conclusion

Choice of Text Colors – Background is either White or Black

Regularly Priced $1.00 per Set – Sale Priced 25¢ per Set




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